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Anapurna M2500i

Manufacturer: Agfa


The Anapurna M2500i is all about productivity. Its new design introduces more accurate dot positioning, an enhanced curing system, and higher performing print heads.

These assets make the Anapurna M2500i a perfect fit for sign shops, digital printers, photo labs and mid-size graphic screen printers. Use it for color or white printing, for rigid and roll media, and for indoor and outdoor applications.

Key Benefits

  • Highly productive engine (up to 115 m²/hr)
  • UV-ink for fast drying, material versatility and a wide color gamut;
  • Highly accurate dot positioning for excellent image quality;
  • High-tech vacuum system for flawless media transport.


Latest generation of fast-firing print heads

Incorporating the latest generation of fast-firing print heads, the Anapurna M2500i offers a high throughput (up to 115 m²/h) while also achieving a high level of print quality. You will be able to maintain a high print production on all substrates, satisfying your most demanding customers.

Flawless Media Handling

Media loading is very straightforward with automated features such as the media registration bar and head height adjustment. The Anapurna M2500i's automatic vacuum system delivers an equal vacuum during the printing process, whether printing roll or rigid materials. This ensures flawless media transport, giving accurate print results at all times. The ring-blower driving the vacuum system is built into the printer, reducing noise to a minimum. In addition, the Anapurna M2500i incorporates a set of shuttle safety sensors to prevent print heads from touching and damaging the substrate.

Ink Monitoring

During production the ink levels are monitored by the automatic ink refill system. The refill system can be accessed easily, enabling a spotless refill of your ink containers.The white ink is managed by a separate system (circulation, under-pressure regulation and cleaning circuit). The tank in which it is contained is equipped with a stirring mechanism to keep the ink properly mixed at all times. The Anapurna M2500i has the possibility to run pre- or post-white in one production run greatly expanding your application possibilities.

Automatic Board Feeder (optional)

The printer can have an automatic board feeder added in order to increase productivity substantially. This optional automated board feeding table provides an automated solution for volume printing of small board sizes (up to five boards can be printed in parallel).

More features

  • Multiple board printing
  • Borderless printing
  • Reinforced beam
  • Automated media positioning bar mounted on table for the registration of rigids
  • Divided vacuum table, four zones
  • 1.5 kW ring-blower for strong vacuum, situated in the engine for less noise
  • Accurate media transport/feed
  • Powerful fastscan motor
  • Automatic control of vacuum strength (inverter-based)
  • Ionization bar mounted on each side of carriage to remove electrostatic load on media
  • Shuttle safety sensors on each side of the carriage
  • Extended basic frame, to support ring-blower
  • Network and USB3 (2) connection
  • On-board controller with touch screen


  • Banners, posters, exhibition graphics, POP, mock-ups, backlit, frontlit, self-adhesives (labels)
  • Niche applications: DVD printing, wood, art reproductions, personalized object printing
  • Party gadgets (beer coasters…)
  • Architectural and interior decoration, ceramics printing
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