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Anapurna Mw

Manufacturer: Agfa

Top quality wide format inkjet printwork for decorative indoor and outdoor applications... with a white ink touch.

:Anapurna Mw is a professional hybrid UV - printer, designed to produce quality wide format output in any print for pay industry environment on this, on a wide range of rigid and roll to roll media.

White ink is ideal to print on coloured or dark substrates. The white ink function creates new possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit applications or printing white as a spot colour.

:Anapurna Mw delivers exceptional results for indoor and outdoor applications on a wide variety of uncoated rigid media as well as roll media.:Anapurna Mw makes high quality poster printing available to graphic screen printers, photo shops and sign shops.

:Anapurna Mw will make your wide format print-work more exciting.

Your inkjet prints will grab your audience's attention with thát extra touch of white.

Top quality wide format inkjet printwork for decorative indoor and outdoor applications... with a white ink touch.

White is beautiful.

The :Anapurna Mw's main difference with the rest of the :Anapurna M family is that it has a white printing function. White ink is ideal to print on coloured or dark substrates. The white ink function creates new possibilities for printing on transparent material for backlit or backlit/frontlit applications or printing white as a spot colour. It can even be used as a spot colour to bring in to focus certain parts of an image. You might even consider printing images on dark substrates using white ink only.

Stand out and let :Anapurna Mw differentiate your decoration and communication jobs.

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